Current JV, Investment, Partnering Programs With Opportunity Openings:

(Note: Due to hacking and competitive intelligence efforts by third-parties, all discussions of proprietary data require execution of a non-disclosure agreement, conflicts check and in-person disclosure)

  • You invest the Money and the Factories.
  • We invest the Technologies, Person Hours, Staff, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Know-How, Innovation, Market Knowledge, Trends Analysis, Inside Data, Research Years, Novel Thinking, Conceptual Block-Busting, Prototyping, Streisand-Effect Nodes, Marketing, Media Contacts, Congressional Contacts, Federal Rankings and other Assets.
  • Together we Own the Profits of the Future.
Energy JV, Invest or Supply Next-round growth Acquisition
Social Media Invest New opportunity Acquisition
Consulting Invest or JV Next-round growth Revenue
Litigation Invest 20+ IP Litigations Settlements
Media Invest New TV/Web Network Acquisition
Networking Invest New Kind of Internet Acquisition
 Consumer Electronics Invest or JV New Kind Of Phone Acquisition
 Transportation Invest or JV Utility Vehicle  Acquisition
 More Available…  (Inquire…)   (Inquire…)   (Inquire…)

We accept Single Page Term Sheets, MOU’s or Licensing Offer Contract Drafts to begin the discussion.

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