PORTFOLIO: Continued

Scott and his teams of hundreds of best-of-class experts launch industry-firsts, companies, products and programs

Founder and U.S.Government Patent Winner:

The first two documented social network companies

The first documented web video broadcasting and public video uploading company

The first documented web-based prefab home building company

The first documented P2P emergency communications service and Apple Store P2P app

The first documented free services-providing search engine

The first documented mobile power pack company to beat the metrics of every other battery-maker, received an award from Congress and created a paradigm shift in transportation

Scott has demonstrated decades of service for national and global public service programs. Scott has produced dozens of products and technologies and hundreds of programs managed from inception to completion. He has received extensive reference letter sets as well as industry and media acclaim for technologies and products in use by billions of users around the world in the media, communications, DoD and related industries.


Scott’s successful projects, for his clients, have been featured in top international press