PORTFOLIO: More Work Samples For Scott Douglas Redmond

From technology exotics to proof-of-concept prototypes that were later delivered to hundreds of millions of users, Scott, and his Team, bring the future to your market.

Above: One of Scott’s first prototypes for the Air-Writer(TM) virtual pen. This pen lets you write in the air, or on any surface. It is a digital virtual post-it. It remembers and feeds back the written material that is etched in the air.

Above: E! Entertainment network segment about Scott’s consulting effort for Oliver Stone’s film: WILD PALMS and his development of systemized virtual reality and consumer computer simulators

Above: Informational promo video about Scott’s patented self-replicating virtual networks and websites technology in use globally for emergency zones

Above: Scott and his Team built and deployed the first 3D internet browser with embedded video. This was prior to the existence of VRML software and operated on Windows 3.1

Above: A documentary segment on THE NEXT STEP, featuring Scott’s invention THE CYBERCHAIR ™, the first virtual reality furniture

Above: Game & VR technologies and products Scott has developed

Above: Ridefilm and experience simulators Scott has developed

Above: VR Project Reel

Above: Some of Scott’s oldest issued federal patents, and prototypes, showcase a technology called THE SHAPEWALL ™. This virtual surface technology allowed you to feel shapes that were computer simulated. Here is a clarification example, from a later clone of the technology.

Above: Scott Designed, Produced and Directed this Virtual Reality Ride Film: “STAR RANGER”. It was designed to be experienced in a theme park motion pod. Scott won the national THE BIG KAHUNA award from 3D Design Magazine. This was the first 3D Stereoscopic ride film to be designed, produced, built and rendered entirely on a PC computer. Prior to this, large, expensive UNIX power stations were the only systems which could do work like this.

Above: Years before YOUTUBE, Bittorrent, Netflix Online, or any other web video store, and channel, existed online, Scott and his Team had delivered the future of web media. Scott has been awarded numerous federal patents and commendations as first-to-invent. Sony Pictures online video system has acknowledged Scott in their federal filings.

Above: VR Media Reel #2


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We consulted on Virtual Reality, Networked Simulation and wearable visualization technologies for a number of government and corporate clients. Here is an E! Entertainment Network segment about Scott’s work with the Production of Oliver Stone’s“Wild Palms”:


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