PORTFOLIO: Scott’s Skills

  • Scott’s past work deployed his following skills:
  • Producer/Project Lead
  • Patent Awarded Product Developer
  • Public Policy Strategist/Law Enforcement Consultant
  • Multi Start-up Launched Venture Solutionist

Global solutions for big-picture challenges

Logistical, Operational, and Technology Deployments – No Challenge Is “Too Big”!


Scott used to provide: the technology, staff, operations, marketing, business plan, pitch materials, spreadsheets, development, R&D, and delivers the working Alpha and Beta units for volume market Design for Manufacturability (DFM) or high volume software distribution. Once the product or service reaches day-to-day standardized operations, lead investors can contract to take on the on-going CEO position.

Worried about holding on to the valuable competitive position in a tech market rife with hackers, copy cats, bullies and moles? We have you covered. We simply don’t break the law and when competitors do, we have FBI-level legal resources to track them and terminate them. History has proven that our counter-measures Team’s are “legally lethal” when it comes to the interdictions of unethical competitors of any conceivable size. If the opposition paid bribes, evaded taxes, used corporate or public funds for unethical purchases, rigged a contract or engaged in illegalities, our federal-level interdiction specialists can shut them down, often with help from state and federal law enforcement agencies. For those competitors who try to copy us, without doing anything unethical, we simply use the legal protections of our invention rights and always pivot faster, deliver sooner, cost less, and out-engineer them. We have you covered.

The following technologies are areas in which Scott is highly experienced:

  • Web Media Production
  • VR Hardware
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Space Launch Systems
  • Wireless Energy
  • Health & Cell Optimization
  • Mobile Testing Systems
  • Server-less Communications
  • Inflatable Systems
  • Inflatable Structures
  • Space Propulsion
  • Physical Space Security
  • Energy Production
  • Electric Cars
  • Mobile Services Vehicles
  • Entertainment Experiential Systems
  • “Uber-ized” Public Services
  • Energy Distribution
  • Home and Office Construction Technologies
  • HAZMAT Safety Suits and Systems
  • Propulsion Technologies
  • Profit-making Major Public Presentation Events and Webcasts
  • Rapid Erection Structures
  • Emergency Communications
  • Mobile Communications Hardware
  • Ambient Energy Processing
  • Collaborative Networks
  • Ultra-Light Transportation
  • Wearable Computers and Displays
  • Air-Drop Vehicles and Power Systems
  • Tactical Housing and Structures
  • Back-up Power Systems
  • Secure Temporary Networks

All inquiries and communications require execution of a standard technology industry NDA and non-circumvention letter and the use of “need-to-know” basis information protocols.