We have been awarded an awesome set of patents and trade secret confirmations

Unlike other investments, patents always increase in value. We are a “practicing entity”. This means our patents and IP...

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We can now instant-print aluminum, carbon-fiber and foam-cast prototypes and final products

Nano-sintering, nano-functionalization and laser forming is here Imagine a full-size car body, or airplane wing, that...

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Past partners, investors and associates include...

We have partnered with, been retained by, had investments from and JV'd with some of the biggest names around...

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The World’s First Venture Innovationists

  Decades in business - Exclusive technologies and resources - Pre-risk mitigated - Proprietary advantages - Scalable ideas for the next-generation offerings for companies - We advance industries and improve life with innovation - Your best investment resource - We deliver scalable new technologies faster, leaner, at a better price and with a greater market edge!

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